Accelerate your company's growth with RDE's tailor-made program. Boost market share, enhance profitability, refine positioning, validate new offerings, and secure financing for your ventures. RDE partners with bold enterprises, empowering entrepreneurs and their teams to expand their capabilities. Leverage the collective expertise and experience of our dedicated team and extensive partner network to overcome challenges and drive success.

RDE's comprehensive accelerated program is designed to cater to your business's unique needs and challenges. Our holistic approach involves a thorough analysis of your enterprise to identify areas of improvement and opportunities for growth.

Who can participate in the Accelerator Program?  

RDE voluntarily limits the number of participating SMEs in its accelerator program and selects

applications on several criteria. These include:

Existence of the activity for at least 3 years.

A monthly recurring turnover from 5 million CFA francs.

The level of involvement of the founder in the development of his company.

The vision and ambition of the entrepreneur to transform his company into a national and international champion thanks to a profitable and scalable business model.

The potential impact of the company's development on the Senegalese and African ecosystem.

The potential of the market in which the company operates.

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How does the support work?

The support provided to each company is a personalized support, based on a pragmatic and operational approach. We adapt it to the context in which we evolve.

  • Strategy Development: Our experts work closely with you to create a strategic roadmap that aligns with your company's vision and goals, ensuring sustainable and scalable growth.
  • Prioritizing your needs 
  • Definition and planning of the action plan. 
  • Implementation of the action plan.
  • Evaluation of the actions carried out and decided in the framework of the action plan. 
  • Standardization of successful experiments.
  • Correction of ineffective methods.

The sharing of experience between managers and the sharing of experience with other experienced entrepreneurs, members of our network, is one of the strong points of this acceleration process.

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