Help you better understand your customers and your market

Thanks to a methodology and tools that we have put in place, we can analyze your data and develop hypotheses and predictions of evolution or trends in relation to your market.

Companies have more and more data at their disposal. Our goal is to enable you to leverage this data to improve your performance.

This data orientation can be integrated at different levels of the company to improve the daily tasks of the employees. But it can also be an effective decision-making tool. You will now be able to better understand your customers' behaviors as well as the trends in your market. Data driven will allow you to have a better understanding of consumer behavior. This way you will know how to address the right message, at the right place and to the right target.

We help you understand, manage and leverage data to better target your customers' behaviors and expectations.

Our methodology is based on four elements :

Customer data collection

- Set up data collection tools
- Collect data via :
Websites : forums, Google Analytics
Social media : interaction, feedback, messages
・ In the field: customer service, points of sale, field feedback from sales representatives

Cleaning and structuring of data

- Extract and collect data according to your objectives
- Measure and verify data
- Transforming data into information

Descriptive analysis of the data

- Understanding consumer motivations
- Identify the best ways to prospect, sell and build loyalty
- Develop statistical analyses


- Create automation algorithms
- Implementing interpretation models
• Tirer des prévisions sur les évolutions futures
- Make recommendations

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